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Additional festival events


  • A camel race, the traditional sport of Sahrawi nomads.
  • A cultural festival, with traditional Sahrawi food, music and dancing.
  • Traditional Sahrawi fair. Directed at Sahrawi youth as a means of transmitting traditional cultural and customs, Sahrawi homes will show traditional clothing, food and cultural expressions.
  • Children's activities and movie screenings, with the participation of the children's group Festiclown.
  • A twilight concert in the sand dunes with Sahrawi artists and musicians.
  • An international soccer match between Sahrawis and visitors.
  • Roundtables on a number of issues with the participation of visitors from the film world, Sahrawi political representatives, the Sahrawi Minister of Culture and the residents of the refugee camps.
  • An awards ceremony in which Sahrawis vote for best movie. The winner is awarded a white camel, the most prized possession for any Sahrawi.
  • A concert, featuring international artists (to be confirmed)